Green Screen Studio B Package

Green Screen Studio B Package

The Most Flexible Production Studio In New York City

Newly Expanded 45 foot by 25 foot Production Studio!

Need A Video Production or Film Studio?
Need A Film Crew?
Need Film Equipment and Lighting?

Rent Only the Production Studio or Hire Our Entire Film Crew with Gear!
We understand that every production is unique.

45’x25′ Production Studio

Green Screen Studio Hourly, Daily, and Weekly Rates

Hourly rates:
Monday to Friday (9am-6pm): $140
3 Hour Min
Monday to Friday (6pm-Midnight): $160
Monday to Friday (Midnight-9am): $195
Daily rates:
Monday to Friday (9am-7pm): $1,195
Saturday to Sunday (9am-7pm): $1,395
Weekly Rates:
Monday to Friday (9am-7pm): $5,400
$175 Per Hour Rate applies to weekend studio rentals 9am to 6pm.

And service comes first with a Friendly and Professional staff to make sure your project runs smoothly.

RCS can provide everything from a full production crew with grip lights and equipment to an empty green screen room. Our Studio is large enough to fit small sets and stages, to a complete production ready stage with lights, an HD camera and production crew (makeup, sound, directors, assistants, camera operators etc). Studio B is equipped with a lighting rig which increases the space you have to fit your production.

Our studios are equipped with super fast broadband internet peaking at 45bps download and 2mbps upload. We also offer hard lined state of the art iMacs along with encrypted wifi for the crew at no extra charge.

All production rentals also come with light craft services, a stage manager and half hour of free technical support, as a complimentary service to all our clients.

Production/Film Crew for Hire

$650 Half
Camera Operator
$295 Half
Lighting Tech or Gaffer
$295 Half
Sound Tech
$295 Half
Script Supervisor
$225 Half
MakeUp Artist
Broadcast tech
Teleprompter Operator
$195 Half

Included Production Package

  • Acoustically treated production studio
  • Stage Manager
  • I-Mac i5
  • 42″ 1080p HD 120Hz LED Monitor
  • Pre lit Green Screen Backdrop
  • Green Room
  • Hair & Makeup Area
  • Light Craft services
  • Wifi & Printer
  • Extension cords
  • Power Strips

Choose from a Variety of Grip Packages to fit your Production needs:

$175 Essential Grip Package

  • DP Kit (Matt Box, 1/4-20 and 3/8th screws and adapters)
  • x6 C-stands
  • x2 Full Size Apple Box
  • x2 Half Size Apple Box
  • Duvetyne
  • 15lbs and 30lbs sandbags and 5 and 10lbs shot bags
  • Spring, Super and Carellini clamps – c-47
  • 1 pack AA batteries
  • Boom mate and 9ft Boom pole (no mic)
  • Autopoles
  • Gaffer Tape dulling spray

$95 Essential Lighting Package

  • Mathrews 40×40 reflecter
  • Mathrews 40×40 Silk Diffuser
  • x2 Half Size Apple Box
  • x6 Flags and Cutters various sizes
  • Flats
  • 42×72 Scrim Jim Reflecter/Diffuser
  • Rosco Gels and Diff – CTO, CTB, -Green, full and half diff
  • Cine Foil
  • Gaffer Gloves